TEED 2103

TEED 2103 Technology & Society

This foundational course for technology and engineering education supports the “Specialty Studies” component of the Scholar-Practitioner model by providing with with knowledge and tools needed to explore the complex relationships complex relationships between society, values, and technological development in developed and under-developed nations.

TEED 2103 Syllabus – 2015

Standards for Technological Literacy – Available online at:


Help with APA Citations

December 11 – Razorback STEM Challenge – Students may choose to volunteer in place of the midterm and final. Students are expected to arrive at Arkansas Student Union Verizon Ballroom by 8:15am and assist with setup, facilitation of events, and cleanup until 12:30pm.

Thursday, December 10

  • Wrap-up review
  • Razorback STEM Challenge preparations

Tuesday, December 8

  • Technological Assessment Presentations
  • Razorback STEM Challenge preparations

Thursday, December 3

  • Technological Assessment Presentations

Tuesday, December 1

  • Submit Final Draft of Technological Assessment Presentation content (handouts, PowerPoint, etc.) to the Dropbox by 9:30am
  • Engineering Structures Testing
  • Technological Assessment Presentations

Tuesday, November 24

  • We will not meet for class – Technological Assessment Assignment Due

Thursday, November 19

  • Complete Engineering Structures Project

Tuesday, November 17

  • Engineering Structures

Thursday, November 12

  • Engineering Structures

Tuesday, November 10

Thursday, November 5

  • We will not meet for class – Mississippi Valley Technology Teacher Educators Conference

Tuesday, November 3

Thursday, October 29

  • Rocket Launch
  • Read Technology Student Association (TSA) Packet

Tuesday, October 27

Thursday, October 22

Tuesday, October 20

  • No class – Fall Break

Thursday, October 15

Tuesday, October 13

Thursday, October 8

Tuesday, October 6

  • How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World – Clean

Thursday, October 30

  • The Impact of Television on Society

Tuesday, September 29

  • Technology and the Media (continued)

Thursday, September 24

Tuesday, September 22

  • Assessing Technology (continued)
  • Assignment for Thursday – complete concept map and cubing exercise for your Technology Assessment Project

Thursday, September 17

Tuesday, September 15

Thursday, September 10

  • Digital Nation discussion
  • Assignment for Tuesday – Read ‘The Cause & Effect of Technology of Society’

Tuesday, September 8

Thursday, September 3

  • Discussion – Living in the Digital Nation
  • Standard 4 – Students will develop an understanding of the cultural, social, economic, and political effects of technology.

Tuesday, September 1

Thursday, August 27

  • Reading Review
  • Intro to Technology and Society PP
  • Complete Philosophy of Technology Assignment – Find a philosophical quote about technology (Credible source– Use APA format, Brief description of the person you quote, and prepare to explain the quote in an elevator speech

Tuesday, August 25

  • Introductions and Syllabus Review
  • Read the Introduction & Ch. 1 – Preparing Students for a Technological World in the Standards for Technological Literacy