STEM 5023

STEM 5023 Creativity and Innovation in STEM Education

This course in technology and engineering education focuses on the development and introduction of technology and engineering-based activities to support science and mathematics instruction in the elementary classroom. Through hands-on, problem based learning challenges, students will develop an understanding of the design process and the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) often used to solve real-world problems.

Spring 2017 Syllabus

STEM Content Standards

STEM Resources Folder

Final Project – STEM Lab Proposal Presentations

2:00pm Class – Tuesday, May 9, 12:45-2:45

4:00pm – Class – Thursday, May 11, 3:00-5:00

Thursday, May 4

Tuesday, May 2

Thursday, April 27

Tuesday, April 25

Thursday, April 20

  • Complete storyboard and script development – Begin puppet development

Tuesday, April 18

Thursday, April 13

Tuesday, April 11

Thursday, April 6

Tuesday, April 4

Tuesday, March 28

  • MagLev Race
  • Introduction to Makey Makey and Scratch Programming
  • MaKey MaKey Design Challenge – Due April 6
  • Homework: Read Ch. 1 – Getting Started (pgs. 1-24) in the Learn to Program With Scratch book.  You will need to set up a Scratch account and complete each of the activities.  Be prepared to demonstrate your ‘pong’ game to the class on Thursday.
  • ***Please bring your laptop for class on Thursday.

Thursday, March 16

Tuesday, March 14

  • Magnetic Levitation Design Challenge

Thursday, March 9

  • Magnetic Levitation Design Challenge

Tuesday, March 7

Thursday, March 2

Tuesday, February 28

  • Guest speaker – Mr. Drew Wallis from NWA 3D

Thursday, February 23

Tuesday, February 21

Thursday, February 16

Tuesday, February 14

Thursday, February 9

Tuesday, February 7

  • Computer file management – Using Dropbox
  • Using CorelDRAW
  • Assignment – Reading in the Beyond the Basics Book – pages 24-44 and Paper Engineering Design Challenge – Teacher’s Guide.

Thursday, February 2

  • Using CorelDRAW & CO2 Laser
  • Complete Geometric Creature redesign using CorelDRAW & CO2 Laser
  • Assignment – Reading in the Beyond the Basics Book – Building Background and Integrating Children’s Engineering Into Elementary Lessons – pages 1-23 and complete teaching model for the Paper Engineering Design Challenge.

Tuesday, January 31

Thursday, January 26

  • Reading Review
  • Complete Catapult Design
  • Assignment – Reading in the Beyond the Basics Book -Getting Started With Simple Mechanisms – pages 45- 51 and complete the Geometric Creatures Design Challenge on Pg. 13 in the Children’s Engineering Book (you may choose your own shapes).

Tuesday, January 24

  • Reading Review
  • Tool Usage and Material Selection
  • Assignment – Read Part II of the Children’s Engineering Book – pages 17-50.

Thursday, January 19

Tuesday, January 17

  • Introductions and Syllabus Review
  • Assignment 1 – Using Simple Tools and Materials – Catapult Design (Due – 1-26)
  • Assignment – Create a TinkerCAD account.  Reading – Syllabus, Handout – Ch. 1-Learning, Memory, and a Study of Technology, and Standards for Technological Literacy (K-12 STLs and Benchmarks)